My Story

IMG_1401 (1)I have loved art, architecture and design for as long as I can remember. Honestly, it’s in my blood.  My great-grandfather started a firm that helped shape the architectural landscape of Los Angeles. We have been designing, building, and innovating for 4 generations.

My family also includes a dizzying number of other creative professionals: painters; choreographers; dancers; writers; film industry professionals; interior designers; furniture makers; and an opera singer to boot.

I earned my BA from Newcomb College of Tulane University with a double major in Mass Communication and Art & Architectural History. While there, I was lucky to have had the freedom to create a self study in the history of political cartoons, rack up an impressive number courses in ceramics and glass sculpture, and win a few awards for my glass sculptures.

After some time in the workforce, I earned my MBA with the intent of combining business acumen with my love of all things art. The MIBS (Masters of International Business) at the University of South Carolina was the perfect fit. I graduated from the Italian track with a concentration in International Finance. I thought I would go back into the world of art immediately, but wound up in Management Consulting instead. I. LOVED.  THE. WORK!

Fast forward some years and a couple kids and I decided it was time to turn in my frequent flyer status and return to my first love: art, architecture, and design.

For about 10 years, I renovated, restored, and refurbished houses in Atlanta, GA. My focus was on marrying historic preservation with green building. When we moved to Connecticut, I continued my work there for a couple years… until we landed in Amsterdam.

I spent some time getting to know the city, and fell in love. I am so excited to be working here, building on things I have done before and also something new – the inclusion of fine art placement and consulting.

My personal style is eclectic. I love to mix and marry periods and styles. I love playing with texture, color, and pattern. I work to create spaces that are fresh and contemporary, interesting and layered – but also spaces that will stand the test of time.

A home provides a window into the life and experiences of the owner – their passions, what is important, what inspires. It should be comfortable, effortless. It should “feel” like home. My goal is to help people build their home; to find and develop their own style.

Whether you are working with a blank slate, or with and around what you already have and love.

Renovating a building or a room –

Redesigning a space or filling it –

Finding that perfect piece of art –

I look forward to partnering with you to design and manage your project!



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