IMG_1401 (1)I’ve had a love of art, architecture and design for as long as I can remember. Honestly, I think it’s in my blood.  My grandfather (and his father and brother, my uncle and his cousin, a few of my cousins, etc) helped shape the architectural landscape of Los Angeles. They have been designing, building, and innovating for 4 generations and are still growing and going strong.

My mother is an oil painter; my sister a professional dancer; my step-father, an opera singer and author… you get the picture.

I studied Art and Architectural History at Newcomb College of Tulane University and earned a BA with lots of additional courses in ceramics and glass sculpture. I followed that with a MIBS degree (Masters of International Business) from the University of South Carolina with the intent of combining business acumen with my love of all things ART. I thought I would go back into the world of art immediately after finishing my Masters but wound up in Management Consulting instead. I loved the work!  Fast forward some years, a marriage, and 2 kids and I decided to turn in my frequent flyer status for something that would keep me closer to home.

For about 10 years I renovated, restored, and refurbished houses in neighborhoods around Atlanta, GA. My focus was more on historic preservation, but I am crazy about modern as well. When we moved to Connecticut, I did the same thing there for a couple years… until we took off for Amsterdam. I have spent some time getting to know the city, and I am in love.  I am so excited to be working here, doing some of the same kinds of things I have done before, but also reconnecting with my Fine Art roots… SJK FineArt & Design!

I want to help you develop your own personal style – either working from a blank slate, or with and around what you already have and love.

Renovating a building or a room

Redesigning a space or filling it

Finding that perfect piece of art

I look forward to helping you build a vision specific to your own style, needs, and budget!

SJK Fine Art & Design

Oud West Amsterdam NL

31 (0)6 4052 5112