Turnkey services for your design needs. I can help you from design inception all the way to the finishing touches. I’m also happy to lend a hand with just a piece of your project.



  • Art Advisor/Acquisition
  • Interior Design
  • Renovations & Project Management
  • Custom Furniture & Soft Furnishings
  • Landscape Design 


Purchasing fine art can be daunting, but it should be exciting and fun.
Of course it’s wonderful if your works increase in value over time, but it’s more important that you love it. Chances are you will see it almost everyday. Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be good, and isn’t always good just because it’s expensive. It’s important to develop your own eye and style. Your collection is a representation of who you are.
SO how do you start, I’d love to help you!

I offer free on-site consultations and can help you determine your personal taste, as well as introduce you to styles with which you may not be familiar.

I will help determine size, placement, and style of art to achieve maximum impact.

I work with varied budgets and across multiple styles to find pieces you love!

I will create a selection of possible art works for purchase. As possible, I will arrange for on-site viewing.

I can arrange visits to galleries, artists’ studios, and auction houses.

Framing – I will advise on the framing of art work and can arrange for the delivery of art work to and from the framers. I uses the services of a select handful framers in Amsterdam with whom I have had great experience.


I prefer to meet with clients on-site to discuss their interests and needs, and to help develop a plan for moving forward.

I can work alongside architects and contractors throughout a project –
working together to achieve optimal results.

I offer services through all stages of a renovation project – designing interior spaces, kitchen and bathroom layout, choosing finishing materials, paint colors, furnishing, curtains, rugs, and of course art.

Through my sources, I am often able to procure hard and soft furnishes for clients below standard retail prices. I am also able to source items not available in retail locations within the Netherlands.

Project management for renovations is also available.


I can act on client’s behalf to purchase art from galleries and auction houses, negotiating the best price.

I can purchase furniture and other design elements from a growing list
of contacts (both retail and wholesale) often resulting in a discount for
you my client.

I offer free consultations within the city of Amsterdam.

Depending on the type and scope of the project I charge an hourly rate of €45-65/hr. and/or approximately 10% of the value of purchases.

I am able to provide my clients with discounts and savings off of retail prices. These savings in turn usually cover my costs creating a win-win.